Bill Krueger has been drawing and thinking visually since he was a pup. As a child, routine visits to the grocery store with his grandmother were rewarded with a comic book; a love for visual communication, art and story telling were born. Having parents who both worked at AT&T, he grew up being exposed and experimenting with emerging technologies and communication. College saw the natural integration and expansion of these two worlds, and fueled a love for design, discovery and proficiency in all of its many disciplines. Committing to learning and engaging in multiple medias and areas of the design world have allowed him to work on a myriad of different types of projects with a varied client list and perform at a high level in various roles within an agency setting.

With a strong background in graphic design, print, illustration, web & user interface design, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills, Bill began leading and managing projects and creative. Adept at working with multiple teams, guidelines and deadlines, his collaborative and interpersonal qualities along with an unquestionable dedication and commitment are all traits that clients and teams he has partnered with can vouch for and count on.